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Master What Matters: Teaching and Learning at Tilton

The Mastery Approach is how we teach, learn, and live at Tilton.

What if learning were seen as an opportunity to grow and showcase your strengths?

What if failure and success were valued as necessary to your progress? What if, who you are, how you learn, how you practice, and your dreams of who you want to be were seen first? What if you were encouraged to master a skill and not simply memorize content?

Tilton School approaches teaching and learning with these questions in mind. The Mastery Approach is a customized learning experience, that incorporates the best educational practices using authentic and purposeful investigations, guided self-reflection, and honest, thoughtful feedback designed for students to assess and grow their aptitudes skills, interests, and strengths.

It is not a one-size-fits-all model, nor does it occur just in the classroom, but in every aspect of life at Tilton. The Mastery Approach puts the student in the driver’s seat of their education. It is not just a curriculum. It’s about opportunity — providing students with opportunities to show their strengths, explore their interests, and discover their potential. The Mastery Approach is how we learn, teach, and live.

More about the Mastery Approach

All schools teach through content-driven courses, but Tilton goes further. We immerse our students in the acquisition of essential skills, by encouraging them to explore areas of self-discovery and providing expert guidance all along the way. Explore the three main components of our approach and visit the Tilton School website for a closer look.

Essential Skills

Essential Skills teach beyond content and equip students for a lifetime of self-directed learning. Read More


Encompassing all aspects of school life at Tilton—and leveraging the unique power of our residential campus—five Areas of Self Discovery ensure that students push the boundaries of their own learning. Read More


Every student is different, and our personalized approach brings expert guidance to every aspect of the student experience. Read More

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