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Parent Perspective: The Tilton Family

Two Tilton students with their mother
Andrea P’17, ’25, ’26 with her sons.

When you enroll at Tilton, you enroll in the Tilton family.

Andrea Condodemetraky P’17, ’25, ’26, a proud Tilton parent and Co-Chair of the Parent Association, shares her family’s experience with our community.

When we enrolled our kids at Tilton School, we knew that also meant we were enrolling them into the Tilton Family. Having seen the lifelong, meaningful connections that my husband continued to have after graduating from Tilton in 1991, I knew firsthand that it wasn’t just a high school experience — it was a lifelong experience. After our oldest son graduated in 2017, he went to visit a Tilton classmate in Spain, and they traveled through Europe together. He later roomed with a fellow Tilton graduate in one of his first living arrangements after college. He has since had many reunions and interactions both professionally and personally with Tilton friends and faculty and still has connections with former classmates all over the world. 

We now have two more kids at Tilton, and it is our joy to see them cultivate and nurture new friendships with students from many different places. They often invite them to our home for vacations and long weekends and have become like family and created many fond memories that will last beyond graduation. These friendships are built in the small classrooms in the academic buildings, the occasionally rainy, muddy soccer games, while experiencing the thrill of sledding down the big hill during snowstorms and everything in between.

Creating a sense of family away from home and turning to each other to trust and support, creates unbreakable bonds that only these kids can explain. Whether they are cheering each other on at an athletic game or helping each other through a personal struggle or stressful project, the greatest gift they get aside from an incredible private school education is the gift of long-lasting friendships. Being part of a community with a rich history fosters a sense of real pride and connection. Engaging with a group of peers from so many walks of life leads to the development of open-mindedness and understanding of different cultures leading to friendships that transcend differences and last through the years.

These factors all contribute to being part of the Tilton School Family with a sense of belonging and connection that spans decades. The Tilton School experience is not just a high school experience – it is a lifelong experience and membership in the Tilton Family to be cherished.

It is a joy to see our kids cultivate and nurture new friendships."
Andrea Condodemetraky P’17, ’25, ’26
Parent Association Co-Chair
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